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My Story

I am an experienced Freelance Digital Creative predominantly working with schools and educational organisations. Taking an empathetic listening approach, I aim to convey the stories of children and teachers on their teaching & learning journeys. I do this through the mediums of videography and photography. I also have experience in workshop design and facilitation to engage a school and discover inspiring narratives.

Additionally, I am skilled in developing WordPress websites from wire-framing concepts to front-end developed products.

I am currently on my journey to become a child counsellor/therapist.


Web DEVelopment


In my journey to becoming a child therapist I reached out to MINDinMIND and in building a relationship with the founder, Jane O’Rourke, I helped reinvigorate their website. They produce podcasts, videos & share research from leading practitioners in child mental health.

A screenshot of the MINDinMIND website
A screenshot of the MINDinMIND website

Brimsdown Primary School

Brimsdown is the 4th website that I have created for the Ivy Learning Trust – the trust’s website I developed too. They have been very supportive of my work. I also took the professional photographs used across their trust’s websites.

NALDIC | National Subject Association for EAL

I designed, developed and also manage the member website for the national subject association for EAL – NALDIC. This includes website updates and responding to queries from NALDIC’s members. I have also photographed at their national conference.



Over the last ten years I have worked with schools and educational organisations creating promotional videos. I have participated in the story telling, filming and editing of all these projects.



I predominantly photograph within schools, who use the photographs in promotional material and to display on their website. Many schools where I have photographed I have also created their website too. Good photographs bring life to a website. On occasion, I have photographed at events and conferences for educational organisations. 


Mental Health

After suffering my own mental health crisis in 2016, and a keen interested in mental health and wellbeing, I have taken my first steps into a career change. I want to work with children and young people on a deeper level and contribute to making a difference in their lives.

To gain valuable experience supporting and nurturing children, I am currently working part-time as a teaching assistant in a local and supportive primary school and reading and training whenever I can.

In the long-term, I am interested in becoming a child counsellor/therapist, and I believe working in the community is paramount to relieving pain, building trust and bringing people together. 

Training & Professional Development

Level 2 Award: Counselling Skills for Working with Children (Access)

London | 8 days

May–July 2021

Place2Be’s Level 2 Award is a vital step to further counselling training and an opportunity to learn the theories and techniques used by Place2Be’s mental health professionals. I found my experience on this eight-week course incredibly moving. It challenged me more than I expected, especially in terms of self-awareness and when exploring my own feelings and preconceived judgements. The experiential aspect of this course was engaging too, and I benefited from the counselling skills learnt and practised.

Trauma and Adversity Training

Via Zoom | half-day

February 2021

YoungMinds is the UK’s leading charity fighting for a future where all young minds are supported and empowered, whatever the challenges. This particular training was extremely useful in understanding adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and their impact on young people’s lives and how we can spot the signs of trauma. It also laid out 6 principles for adversity and trauma-informed practice that can be applied in our own roles.

Foundation Drawing And Talking Therapy

Drawing And Talking
Via Zoom | HALF-DAY

October 2020

My employer – a school – enrolled me on this Drawing and Talking therapy course. The experiential, day-long training showed me how to put this simple technique into practice, how to run a session and how to deal with common problems which can arise. I have begun to use what I have learnt with some children in the primary school I work.

Understanding Mental Health in Children and Young People



This course has increased my knowledge and understanding of mental health in children and young people; mental health problems; the impact of mental ill-health and how to support and maintain mental wellbeing in children and young people.

Place2Be Taster Day

London | 1 day

JUNE 2019

Place2Be’s Taster Day gave me the chance to experience Place2Be training and see what it is like to be a children’s counsellor. Place2Be counselling training is highly experiential and uses a wide range of play materials, as well as experience games and other tools that support self-awareness and engagement with children.


The Gestalt Centre,
London | 2 Days

January 2019

This interactive weekend workshop was a chance to experience Gestalt first-hand. I was introduced to the principles and practice of Gestalt. Through structured exercises, individual and group process and discussion, we explored together the basic principles of awareness and how this can deepen our contact with ourselves and others in any situation.

An Introduction to Counselling

The Counselling Foundation,
St Albans | 4 Days

November 2018

This course was my first introduction to learning how to use counselling skills. The course provided the tools for me to help understand and effectively listen to others. It also gave me an overview of the different modalities used in counselling, which includes psychodynamic, person-centred, integrative and CBT.

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